Dear Friends!
With this article we would like to help You navigate the huge world of Board games. Today the market of Board games such a huge selection that sometimes to make the right decision is hard enough even for experienced players.

What to do in such a case, what game to choose to bring You do not disappointment, but delight and desire to sit down to play again and again? To do this, we'll give You some tips how you can choose a game.
Knowing what You want from the game, it will be easier to make the right choice, and buy what will really bring You joy and pleasure from the gameplay.
There are many criteria that could be separated table games:
- genres and types of games
- party time
- the number of players
audience and the age of the players
- the complexity
- and so-forth.

We will explain the basic criteria, and will introduce You with the most outstanding examples to help you better understand what you prefer. Let's start with a simple, and will gradually move on to more complex and extensive categories.
Despite the fact that most Board games is positioned as a baby (at least if you believe the inscriptions on the boxes, like 8+), many of them can be quite challenging even for adults.

In this case Board games can be divided into the following groups:
- Board games for children from 3 years and above. In this case, as a rule, most children's educational toys than Board games. This product filled the shelves indiscriminately of shops for kids, not to mention supermarkets. We have this category of games is not interesting, as it falls in our list purely nominal.
- Board games for children from 5 years and above. Hence, perhaps, begins with a start table games, not only in name but in fact. In this category already come across quite an interesting game, not only (and sometimes not so much). This type of game usually attracts the fact that they are colorful and attractively designed, the components of these games a pleasure to hold in hands, and they are not only educational, but also a game character.

This type of game is generally the game of speed, dexterity, observation, ingenuity and other skills who are happy to show not only children but also adults.
The brightest representatives of this group of games are games like Dobble, Ghost blitz Riff Raff (Riff raff), Jenga, the recent new Seven dwarfs and semi-precious mine, etc..
- Board games for ages 8 years and above. This category includes a huge list so that we show only a few examples: Dixit (Dixit), and load Carry (Pack & Stack, Zack & Pack), Agrostis the Colonizers (Settlers of Catan), Mirror Maze (Maze Of Mirrors) and others.
The main thing that connects all the games in this group is intelligent, thoughtful and diverse gameplay. There already are games of Association, imagination, logic and communication.
The rules of all these games explained in 5 minutes, but the gameplay itself can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, unlike the games, "5+" , which rarely takes more than 15 minutes.
All players will have to use all your "grey cells" to win.
- Board games for children aged 12 years and above. All, perhaps, is the peak age, which is indicated on the boxes with games. There are, of course, games and "13+", and "14+", and so forth, but this is more of a publishing ploy than reality.
If You or your child for more than 12 and You are ready to real feats, then search for the game nothing less than "12+". Only in these games You will understand what a real Board game, and for someone working for the industry giant Board games.
No matter whether You are Geek or just a beginner nostalgic, but these games will not leave You indifferent. They will make your brain boil of tension, will teach You planning and strategies before You open the door to other worlds.
Not all adults pass this test, and those who could not withstand, now play only the games "8+". (Many broke down on the stage of familiarity with the rules of the game.)
Those who were not lucky especially hard (after getting acquainted with the game "12+"), you have to just enjoy the games "5+", more are undermined by forces, alas, is not enough.
But if You are still willing to test your strength, you can turn your attention to the following instances: 7 Wonders (7 Wonders), Terror at Arkham, Village (Record Village), Game of Thrones (A Game of Thrones), Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar (the Mayan Calendar) and... that's enough. Can continue indefinitely, and the list meanwhile and did not think to decrease.
So, thinking about buying the game, evaluate your hand, or forces those whom you want to make happy. Do not overestimate their own and others capabilities. Act on the principle "more haste less speed". Start simple, and do not notice how You will become to understand what is filler, homely, and perhaps even learn what a skirmish.

Rest? Another factor that is extremely important when buying a game is time.
Practice shows that buying the game, people rarely (though more correct to say never) think about how long it could take them a party with friends. But, nevertheless, this is an important factor that can significantly change your decision to buy a particular game. Let us consider the types of games, differing in time, and "what they eat".
game time from 5 to 20 minutes. This time the party have games, in common parlance called fillers. Usually, these games spread on the table to "warm up" before a more serious game, or Vice versa - to get away and give the brain a rest and relax. If your collection wormed game (or even one) party which usually takes about two hours, the game-fillers will be your salvation.
Playing this game you with new forces to rush into battle for the Iron throne of Westerns in Game of Thrones (A Game of Thrones), or start to raise the agriculture of medieval Europe after the terrible plague in the game Agricola (Agricola).
Also in this category are and games for children of 5+".
This is the harsh reality – after some games, Your IQ will be leveled to the same indicator five-year olds. However, one or two parties will again supply you with head to foot (or head, there's anyone like).
Here are the names of the games of saviors: the Secret legacy. The Starship Lost Legacy: The Starship), Hey! That's MY fish! (Hey! That's My Fish!), Colorado, and Turtle run.
game time from 30 to 90 minutes. The best common time for most games. Playing with the party time will not have time to bore You (if she is not to your liking), and at the same time, You will have time to enjoy the game if You like it.
There may be games on the Association of the type Dixit), a simple urban - Strongholds (Citadels) and Carcassonne (Carcassonne), or fun games for companies Bang! (Bang!) and the Munchkin (Munchkin).
They are perfect to lift the spirits (if the evening became too languid) or briefly to feel great and mighty ruler (for half an hour – an hour, no more). After that, if you wish, you can play another game. And if not – still you will feel that the hour flew by and with pleasure.

game time from 2 hours and above. It would be better to say that this game is the gameplay which lasts at least 4 hours (although there are exceptions). Usually, however, the boxes write neutral 60-120 minutes, not to frighten inexperienced players. You know, in the next 5-10 parties may not want to get up from the table sooner than three hours or four. Not only that, the first batch are always longer, even in simple games, and You do not want to get up from the table sooner.
The abundance of game strategies, a huge amount of gorgeous components and playing field will make You travel back into the world of the game and feel like a hero. And this feeling You will try to hold on as long as possible. Getting up from the table, You feel that you are not just played in the next game, and had lived a full life.
But enough poetry, here are a few examples of these games and move on: Robinson Crusoe: adventure on the mysterious island (Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on Cursed Island), the Ancient horror (Eldritch Horror), Descent: Journey in the Dark (Descent: Journeys in the Dark).
Number of players – a factor important and very telling at a glance which is enough to immediately understand whether You fit this game or not. How? Read on.
- the number of players from 1 and above. Games with this indicator, carry a lot of mysteries of communication and important decisions. Most of these games – a cooperative game genre. This means that the players will play in the same team, battling enemies of all kinds and solving a puzzling problem of how to stretch out a single round (not stretching out the legs). The enemy in these cases is the game itself, and know – it knows no mercy. Victory in these games is difficult, many of these games have different levels of difficulty.
(If You won in this game – do not rejoice, most likely, You haven't read the rules and played on the easiest difficulty level).


What actually depends on victory in cooperative games? The ability of players to negotiate and make the right decisions. From United action and sense of the elbow. And so-forth.
Understand now why these games are well played from 1 player? Who better than You will be able to negotiate with You and take really the right decision? Who knows best what should have been done last time to win? In General, You understand me.
Here the clearest examples of such Board games: Forbidden desert: Thirst for survival (Forbidden Desert: Thirst for Survival), Ghost Stories (the Ghost Stories), Pandemic (Pandemic), Mysteries, and Mice and Mystics (of Mice and Mystic).