From our experience we know what to buy Board games is not so easy. Because before that they need to choose! And the choice of the game - it is very difficult. You are facing a dilemma - what to take, what kind of game to choose, is guaranteed to have fun, have fun, and that was not painfully hurt for aimlessly... well, you understand.
In short, take any game. Because we already selected the best, tested by time and our game. If you were waiting for some other advice, read on.
Just want to inform you that if you are looking for a Board game in which you can play with your child, feel free to take game with a simple or very simple rules.
If you want to play with friends, family, and other adults, here are a few guidelines:
First, we have prepared for you Rating games based on data from the most authoritative site in the world of Board games The rating is updated regularly and you can always be sure that the information provided on the site is relevant.
We recommend first and foremost be guided by what is the game in the world in popularity. Usually, the highest results simple, intelligent and exciting games, won the love of many people around the world.
You can also focus on the place in the world for score (score games), rating GaGaGames and column Briefly about the game". All this on the same page - the Rating games.
Pay attention to the color codes of each game in the ranking. It will also help you not to make the wrong choice.
Second, read the reviews and comments of buyers to specific games. A lot of people, someone game seemed exciting, upset someone excessive length - compare sensations and make your choice.
Third, you can use the filter and sort in All games to pick up the game with the necessary parameters. Set values and choose. You can pick up a Board game under the required number of players, desired game, the game easy to play on the street and which do not need the game with the appropriate difficulty level, etc. If you do not understand the value of icons – hover over them the mouse cursor – the tooltip appears.
In addition, walk the Directory with the games, see photos. We do a lot (a lot!) photos to let you see every detail, every chip mipla and a map. Games are not just rules. Beautiful field for games, high-quality components that are so nice to hold in your hands – all this creates the atmosphere of the game.
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